Web & App Design

Pemberley Communications Inc is a Canadian Corporation established in 1999.  We currently have offices in Weymouth, Nova Scotia.  A rural village close to the incredible Bay of Fundy.  Our perspective is global, our ideas are current.  Through modern technology we have developed projects for firms accross Canada.

Our  focus is two fold, first on application development for the web and for mobile devices,   second on web design and deployment.  We have been designing applications for years; and that process has given us a rare and unusual passion for data.  Not the kind that crunches budget numbers or bizarre statistics, but for the rythym and structure of information.   What  does that mean?   It means that we understand how to take your business information, and make a great application out of it. One that meets the needs of your customers and your organization.

 How do we develop an Application?
First we analyze your data and its usage.
Then we design a database structure for holding your information
We then review and refine the design with you, showing you in a visual way what it can do, and what it cannot do.
next we build and test the application, correcting any weaknesses or problems
Finally we launch the application! 
That's when we all celebrate!


How do we design a Website?
First we Discuss  your organization, its marketing goals and objectives.
Then we design a wireframe which describes the overall site design, which you approve
We then design a visual concept of the site, which we refine with you, and which you approve.
next we build and test the website from the visual design and your information
Finally we launch the website! 
That's when we all celebrate!